Hindutva And White Supremacy. Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

Or partners-in-hate.

In quite a few of our blog posts we have shown direct and indirect slink between white supremacy and Hindutva. We have written many times about how Australia’s resident Hindutva ideologue Sarah L Gates, a white person calling herself a yogini, targets ethnic migrant Indian activists and academics deliberately inciting violence.

We have earlier shown evidence of how Professor Mohan Dutta, researchers at the Centre for Culture-centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE), and activists at AAPI, mostly Indians, and a number of us Hindus, have been harassed by far-right Hindutva trolls driven by Gates.  

She was a central player in the Hindutva role in the communal violence in Leicester and regularly appears on far-right Hindutva propaganda platforms in India. The popularity gained by Gates in the far-right hate ecosystem is a direct product of her targeting of Professor Dutta, CARE, and Indian diaspora activists.

Now Gates is indulging in conspiratorial collaborations with far-right white supremacists in Aotearoa New Zealand who have been targeting Professor Dutta.

Pay attention here to the conspiracy theory spun by the far-right The Platform, which, as expected becomes the fodder for far-right white supremacist Twitter handles such as @PCVBJF targeting Professor Dutta. And Australia’s resident Hindutva troll Sarah L Gates shows up like clockwork.


Elsewhere, @PCVBJF is seen promoting far-right hate.



Here’s another far-right account targeting Professor Dutta’s lecture on decolonisation.



Our resident Hindutva self proclaimed yogini pops up again to demonstrate her white supremacist credentials. Her method is to build her influence by pitching herself as an expert on decolonisation and dharma while aligning with far-right hate narratives attacking academics doing the actual work of decolonisation.


The white Hindutva decolonisation perpetuated by hatemongers like Gates is the Brahmanical way. Appropriating academic language to talk about colonisation of India by Islam in pre-British times, selectively extracting from Hinduism and unleashing violence on those Hindus that uphold Hinduism’s core ethos of pluralism and syncretism while upholding and propagating white privilege. Essentially forging together Hindutva and white supremacy into a singularity.

After all Hindutva is based on Nazi ideology and the founders were inspired by Hitler and Mussolini.

In settler colonial contexts such as Aotearoa and Australia then, this intersection must be highlighted as it harms their indigenous people the most.

And Hindutva’s sham of decolonisation must be called out each time we witness it.

This post here talks about white Hindu colonisers and their 'decolonisation projects'. https://www.aotearoaprogressiveindians.org/our_whakapapa_and_resisting_white_colonialist_attacks