Holi. An introspection.

Holi the festival of colours has come and gone. A festival that has broken the boundaries of religion, that everyone can enjoy.

But also, there are many with memories from India where the 'festivities' were forced on them. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and women.

We have seen many posts on various social media platforms where Muslims and women were surrounded by Hindu goons shouting Har Har Mahadev and Jai Shri Ram while pouring water and spraying colour on people. Is that the spirit of Holi? Does consent not matter? For a nation to be a true leader in every way we should be able to introspect about the meaning of our majority festivals and how they can be inclusive while also giving people a choice.

This is a lovely post from Hindus For Human Rights helping initiate the discussion around Holi.

       Holi - Cultural Dynamics, Social Critiques and Syncretism

Meanwhile here is a Bhil Holi dance.